2022 Pasaryu Tournament

What 2022 Annual PaSaRyu Martial Arts Tournament
Cost $60 Includes 1 event, additional events $5 each. Cash at the door
When September 17, 2022
Registration starts at 9:15 AM
Where Southwest Community College Gymnasium
Macon Road Campus
5983 Macon Cove
Memphis, TN 38134
Master Scorpion

The PaSaRyu System:

The Annual PaSaRyu Martial Arts Tournament


Saturday September 17, 2022
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Registration will begin at 9:15 AM


Southwest Community College Gymnasium
Macon Road Campus
5983 Macon Cove
Memphis, TN 381234

Events will include:

Flag Sparring
Weapons Competition
Creative Forms
Special Needs Division

This is an all ages event

Face masks will be required for competitors and spectators at all times while in the facility.

Event Pricing: $60 for 1 event, $5 for each additional event. Payments can be made in advance at Scorpion Martial Arts 815 Exocet Dr STE 104, Cordova, TN 38018. Cash only at the door.

Spectator Pricing:$10 for adults, $5 ages 5-17 and children 4 and under are free.

Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Grand Champion awards will befor men's and women's black belt forms. Additionally, there will be a Grand Champion for junior black belt forms and a Grand Champion for color belt forms.

An award and recognition will be given to the most supportive school.

Food and drinks will be available for purchase at the event. No alcohol allowed on the property.

2022 PaSaRyu Tournament Registration
Participant Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
School Name and City, State:
(i.e. Slayton Martial Arts, Trenton, TN)
Instructor Name:
i.e. Master Leopard, Anthony Slayton
Competing in:
Flag Sparring(4-6 yo)
Creative Forms
Special Needs
Parent Info:
If participant is under 18 years old, please complete the section below to approve participation.
First Name:
Last Name:
I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I am aware of and I fully appreciate the nature of the premises of this martial arts Competition/Championship. Of the Physical Activity in which I have requested to be allowed to participate and of the danger of death or injury by my participation therein and I knowingly deliberately and voluntarily choose to expose myself thereto and I assume all risks therein, and I solemnly covenant, contract and agree that, if I am injured thereby, I have hereby released, or I will, without the tender or payment of any other or further consideration whatsoever, release, indemnify, save and hold harmless from liability, whatsoever, any official, associations, corporation, promoter, or anyone involved in said championship and thereby assume full and sole responsibility for death or any injury to my person. I have read the foregoing or it has been read to me, understand the same, and agree to abide by all rules promulgated and to be promulgated by the officials and presenters of this competition/championship.

For the consideration stated above, I/We parent(s) or legal guardian (s) of the minor named above consent to and approve of his/her participation in the championship and covenant, contract, and agree to indemnify, save and hold the Championship, any official, competitor, association, corporations, promoter, or anyone involved in said championship from any loss, cost, liability, or responsibility whatsoever arising directly or indirectly, out of any injury or death that said minor might sustain as a result of participating in the championship, competition.

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