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PaSaRyu and all of its material, videos, patches, emblems, terminology, philosophy and everything else that comprises the PaSaRyu Martial Artist Association are owned by Yong Rhee. This website is independently maintained by Kevin Barnes.

The PaSaRyu system was started by Kang Rhee when he came to the United States in 1964.  Having studied in South Korea under Master Byung In Yun, Master Nam Sak Lee and Master Chul Hee Park, Grandmaster Rhee had a broad variety of martial arts experience and decided to create a blend of styles that presented a more open and flowing pattern of movement while still being very powerful.  Thus PaSaRyu was born. 

In 1970, Ed Parker recommended Grandmaster Rhee to Elvis Presley.  Elvis trained under Grandmaster Rhee until 1974, earning his 7th degree black belt from Grandmaster Rhee.  For more information on Elvis' time with Grandmaster Rhee, please visit Elvis Karate.

In the ensuing years, Grandmaster Rhee has trained many people with over 900 earning their black belts.  Unlike some other schools, where you pay the money and get the belt, students attending Kang Rhee Self Defense Institute had to earn their belts.  In traditional South Korean Fashion, Grandmaster Rhee focused on discipline and intense training. In the early 2000's Grandmaster Rhee's approach softened a little, beginning to focus heavily on family oriented training. He developed the little dragons program for children under 6, where he taught basic stances as well as a host of coordination techniques.

Grandmaster Rhee retired in 2012. Prior to doing so, he created the PaSaRyu Advisory Committee (PAC) to ensure the guidelines and traditions that he started are continued.


Each PaSaRyu school is independently owned and operated by qualified Black Belt instructors.  Every instructor strives to provide the best learning environment and experience so every student can learn their requirements in a safe, controlled atmosphere.

Discipline, respect, and proper etiquette are taught along with the punching and kicking.  Anyone can teach punching and kicking, PaSaRyu instructors are guided by Grandmaster Rhee's lessons, philosophy and amazing technical ability.

Tournaments are held annually and are a great way to meet other PaSaRyu martial artists as well as martial artists from other styles.  Some tournaments are PaSaRyu only, meaning you have to actively train at a branch school and use PaSaRyu forms and techniques to compete.  Other tournaments are Open, meaning anyone from any style can compete.  Spectators and volunteers are always welcome regardless of the type of tournament.

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