Promised Sparring

Yak Soak Detas are promised sparring techniques.  Promised sparring means each student promises not to injure the other.  These techniques are taught slowly and methodically, ensuring all techniques are executed with maximum effect.  Designed to devastate an opponent, these techniques are short, quick combinations that anyone can master and apply to real world situations.

There are 10 official Yak Soak Deta techniques, the first set of 5 techniques is required for promotion to purple belt.  The second set is required for promotion to brown belt.  There are 5 unofficial techniques that are taught at yellow belt level to introduce students to the concept.  While not required, these techniques are a valuable tool in any martial artists toolbox.


Here Grandmaster Rhee demonstrates a Yak Soak deta, a quick self defense technique. Grandmaster Rhee demonstrates his amazing form, control and execution while avoiding injuring his opponent.

Note his deep, low stances, straight back and shoulders.  He controls his techniques to practice what to do in an actual attack, without striking his sparring partner.

During the performance of the technique, always keep your eyes forward, on your opponent.  When practicing in front of a mirror, use your reflection as your target.

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